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Fast: Native macOS app with powerful OCR
Secure: Your documents stay in your Mac
Privacy-friendly: Your data is stored locally. No cloud vector database needed.
Flexible: Bring your own API Key or rent one
Chat with PDFs on macOS
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Gain insights from your documents. Instantly.

Open your documents with PDF Pals, then start asking. No uploading required. No file size limit.

Native, Fast & Powerful
Not another 500MB Electron app. No file size limit!
PDF Pals supports multiple API providers: OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service & OpenRouter.
PDF Pals supports scanned PDFs and complex forms using a powerful OCR engine.
Your documents stay in your Mac. We never upload your files. PDF Pals stores your API key securely in the Apple Keychain.
Respect Your Privacy.
No in-app analytics. Your training data is stored locally.
Easy to backup.
All your data is in a local SQLite database.

5 out of 5 stars

“ PDF Pals is a great way to interact with multiple PDFs simultaneously on your local device. It's super-helpful when you need the ability to summarize information from multiple documents about a single topic. The ability to customize the AI model settings and the system prompt is also very useful.”

Jasonn Smith
For Researchers and Academics

Improve your research and academic processes

Easily extract important information from research papers, academic articles, and e-books to enhance your studies and research.
For Software Developer

Learn Faster from Technical PDFs

Instantly find and extract the key information you need from documentation to accelerate software development and boost productivity.

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