✨ v1.7.0 (build 29)

This is a major release with many useful features. Upgrade is highly recommended.

  • New: Fetch models automatically from OpenAI, OpenRouter, Groq, Mistral, Perplexity and more
  • New: Added support for Anthropic Claude 3, including vision capability.
  • New: All-new chat message list implementation. Faster and better!
  • New: Improved LaTeX rendering
  • New: Customize font size for the chat input
  • Improvement: Allow insecure network connection. This is neccessary to connect to local inference servers
  • Fix: Fixed a crash issue related to SwiftUI internal rendering engine
  • Fix: Fixed the issue where cost estimation was inaccurate in some cases
  • Improvement: BoltAI stops streaming on user's interuption


  • New: A new Prompt Library
  • Natively support local AI models via Ollama
  • Allow setting number of parallel indexing tasks (default: 5)
  • Support custom user instruction
  • Added support for Groq
  • Added "Enter to send message" option
  • Allow toggling the Document Viewer
  • Improved rendering performance


This release integrates with GPT 4 Vision and supports more AI service providers, including Local LLM Inference Server.

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  • New: Supports more AI service providers: Mistral AI, Perplexity and Together AI
  • New: Supports custom OpenAI-compatible servers: OpenAI proxy, LocalAI and LM Studio Inference Server...
  • New: Incorporates ShotSolve into PDF Pals: take a screenshot of your PDF and ask AI about it
  • New: Switch to the new embedding model `text-embedding-3`: better & cheaper
  • New: Added support for the new GPT 4 Turbo model (`gpt-4-0125-preview`)
  • New: Allow searching within the current chat
  • Fix: Fixed the bug where the Upgrade window keeps showing
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Biggest release since launch: 9 new major features and significant performance improvement.

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  • New: Support text-to-speech and speech-to-text using OpenAI API. Your fingers will thank you.
  • New: PDF search & better navigation
  • New: Workspace (Conversation) Switcher. Quickly switch between conversations
  • New: Prompt with highlighted text & PDF page content
  • New: Export chat to HTML, Markdown or JSON (compatible with OpenAI’s finetuning format)
  • New: Better chat management. You can reset the chat context, delete all messages…
  • New: Custom font & theme for code blocks
  • New: Support advantaged paramters like context limit, temperature, presence penalty, frequent penalty...
  • New: The markdown renderer has been rebuilt from scratch. It significantly improved the scroll performance now!
  • Other quality-of-life improvements:
    • Filter conversation by title
    • Support multiline copy
    • Code highlighting during streaming
    • Responsive copy button
    • Automatically scroll to bottom on AI response
    • Improved message edit dialog
    • Fixed issue with OpenRouter model list
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IMPORTANT: this release temporarily removes the ability to customize System Instruction (read more below)

  • Improved the accuracy of page references
  • Improved AI responses: you can ask PDF Pals about a specific page. For example: "Summarize the content of page 12"
  • Improvement: You can continue to ask questions while new documents are being indexed
  • Improvement: You can remove a document from a multi-doc chat now
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This is a minor release to fix the indexing issue with multi-doc chat

  • Fixed the issue where PDF Pals might not be able to find relevant content from newly added documents
  • Fixed the issue where Page References might be incorrect in multi-doc chats
  • Added the option to Save message to file
  • Added the option to close Welcome Window automatically
  • Improvement: re-open the Welcome Window from Dock icon or app menubar


IMPORTANT: This release added the Indexing Strategy option to improve the accuracy of AI answers. Please read the full release note to configure yours.

  • Indexing Strategy: choose how to process your documents: smart, fast or accurate
  • App Appearance: customize your app's color scheme, font family, text size & paragraph spacing
  • Better keyboard support: use PDF Pals faster with these new keyboard shortcuts
  • Support more AI models available in OpenRouter: Phind, Mistral...
  • Other improvements
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IMPORTANT: this releases updates the default System Instruction. If you're using a custom prompt, please reset to the new default value.

  • Better chat management: you can now Edit / Branch / Regenerate / Delete messages
  • Allow reprocessing a PDF, including the option to force using OCR
  • Improve scanned PDF detection
  • Improve default System Instruction
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes AI was unable to answer user's questions
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  • Chat with multiple PDFs 🎉
  • Highlight relevant paragraph in the PDF Viewer when clicking on the referenced page
  • Added support for Azure OpenAI & OpenRouter
  • You can customize the system instruction template now
  • Added the ability to customize OpenAI API host & Organization ID
  • Added previous GPT models (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 etc.)
  • Better drag & drop support
    • Drag & drop into the Welcome Window to start a new chat.
    • Drag & drop documents into a Chat Window to add to the conversation
  • You can delete a conversation from the Welcome Window now
  • Web Browsers Integration (Experimental): Added the ability to open a PDF url in browser with PDF Pals using a shortcut key. Read set up guide
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First Public Release of PDF Pals 🎉
  • Chat with a single PDF (chatting with multiple PDFs coming soon)
  • Each answer includes referenced pages from the source PDF
  • Accepts PDFs in any language. You can change the output language anytime during the conversation.
  • Supports scanned PDFs and complex forms using a powerful OCR engine.
  • Automatically redacts sensitive data from your PDF such as credit card numbers or monetary amounts etc.
  • Maximum flexibility: you can switch GPT models and adjust the temperature anytime during the conversation
  • Supports Markdown and Code Syntax
  • Supports LaTeX and Math Expressions
  • Secure: your OpenAI API key is stored in the standard Apple Keychain. Your PDFs stay in your local machine. No uploading required.