PDF Pals v1.2 (build 13)

IMPORTANT: this releases updates the default System Instruction. If you're using a custom System Instruction, please reset to the new default value. (read more below)


  • Improve default System Instruction
  • Better chat management: you can now Edit / Regenerate / Delete messages
  • Allow reprocessing a PDF, including the option to force using OCR
  • Improve the detection for Scanned PDFs

New System Instruction

This release focuses on improving AI's responses. A few users reported that the AI wasn't able to answer user's questions on first try. However, it can answer correctly after another try.

I've improved the default System Instruction trying to fix this. If you haven't changed the System Instruction, you don't have to perform any action. It should work for you automatically.

But if you've customized yours, please follow these step to update it to the new default value:

  1. Go to Settings > General
  2. Click Edit System Instruction
  3. Click Reset to Default

ChatPDF Custom System Instruction

Better chat management

You can now Edit / Regenerate & Delete messages. Refining the conversion would be much simpler now.

ChatPDF Edit Message

Reprocessing a PDF

Sometimes the detection for Scanned PDF can be incorrect which affect the accuracy of AI's answers. In that case, you can right-click on the document and choose "Reprocess with OCR".

ChatPDF Reprocess with OCR

And that's it

See you in the next update 👋

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If you are new here, PDF Pals is a native macOS app that allows you to chat with local PDFs instantly. Download now.