Perpetual License for PDF Pals

A perpetual license will allow you to use a specific version of PDF Pals app indefinitely. You can also receive all the future updates of the app within the first year of your purchase.

After the first year, you can continue to use the last version of PDF Pals that you have for as long as you want. There is no restriction whatsoever in terms of app functionalities.

If you want to continue to receive updates for one more year, you can renew your license with 40% discount. You can renew your license anytime after the previous license ends, the renewal discount never expires.

The perpetual licensing model is a good way to support the continuous development of softwares. It has been widely adopted by the developers of many great macOS apps: DevUtils, JetBrains IDE, Sketch, TablePlus, Parallels Desktop, any many more.

For PDF Pals, the perpetual licensing model allows me to continue to deliver new features and bug fixes for as long as there are customers who use the app. If you have any questions regarding license, please contact me at 💌 [email protected]. I'll be happy to support.